Product Name Description
​​ACC PE-1B ​Good solvency in high alkali
​ACC PE-60 ​Multi-functional hydrotrope for high actives
​ACC PE-66 ​Hydrotrope for high actives
​ACC PE-142W ​Oil and water emulsifier
​ACC PE-181 ​Large molecular weight dispersant
​ACC PE-298 ​Anti-stat
​ACC PE-301 ​Low Foam Detergent
​ACC PE-363 ​Neutralized antistat
​ACC PE-401 ​Penetrant and Aluminum anti stain additive
​ACC PE-510 ​Emulsifier, detergent, hydrotrope
​ACC PE-610 ​Stable in high alkali
​ACC PE-610N ​Neutralized version of PE-610
​ACC PE-611 ​Emulsifier
​ACC PE-700 ​Anti-wear additive
​ACC PE-710 ​Stable in high alkali
​ACC PE-1151 ​Multi-functional hydrotrope for high actives
​ACC PE-G308 ​Vegetable based, lubricity additive
​ACC RA-600 ​Multi-functional hydrotrope for high actives
​TAS XP PE-400 ​Emulsifier, lubricity additive
Product Name Description
​ACC ALES3 ​Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
​ACC ALS ​Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
​ACC S-BES ​Sodium, 2 Ethyl Hexyl Sulfate
​ACC SLES1 ​Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, 1 EO
​​ACC SLES2 ​Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, 2 EO
​ACC SLES3 ​Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, 3EO
​ACC SLES 70 ​70%, SLES 2 EO
​ACC SLS ​Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
​ACC TEALS ​TEA/Lauryl Sulfate
​ACC P-811 ​Sulfated Polyol
​ACC Sulfated AE-253 ​60%
​ACC Sulfated Butyl Oleate ​60-77%
​ACC Sulfated Canola Oil ​80%
​ACC Sulfated Castor Oil ​50-80%
​ACC Sulfated Fish Oil ​70%
​ACC Sulfated Oleic Acid ​55-80%
​ACC Sulfated Tall Oil Fatty Acid ​70%
​ACC Sulfated Tallow ​50-80%
Product Name Description
​​ACC DOS-70 ​Dioctyl Sodium Sulfo Succinate, 70% Ethanol
​ACC DOS-70PG ​Dioctyl Sodium Sulfo Succinate, 70% PG
​ACC DOS-75 ​Dioctyl Sodium Sulfo Succinate, 75% Ethanol
​ACC DOS-80DH ​Dihexyl Sodium Sulfo Succinate, 80%
Product Name Description
​ACC D-40 ​Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, 40% NA
​ACC T-60 ​Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, 60% TEA
​ACC DDBSA ​Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, 96%
​SXS-40 ​Sodium Xylene Sulfonate, 40%
​Naxonate SX Sodium Xylene Sulfonate, 96%
​Naxonate 40SC ​Sodium Cumene Sulfonate, 40%
​Naxonate 45SC ​Sodium Cumene Sulfonate, 45%
​Naxsoft NA-8 ​Low foam, hypochlorite stable hydrotrope
Product Name Description Activity
​ACC S-40K ​Potasisum Cocoate/Laurate ​40%
​ACC S-21K ​Potassium Oleate ​21%
Product Name Description Activity
​ACC NS-11 ​Dispersing agent ​50%
​Naxan 220 ​Low foam, fast wetting ​50%
​Naxan 221 ​Dry version of Naxan 220 ​Powder
​Naxaf HSL-T ​Dispersant ​50%
​Naxaf HSP ​Dry version of Naxaf HSL-T ​96%
​Naxan AAL ​Dark color, good wetting, foam ​50%
​Naxan AAP ​Dry version of Naxan AAL ​Powder
​Naxan ABL ​Good wetting and Moderate foam ​50%
​​Naxan ABP ​Dry version of Naxan ABL ​Powder
​Naxan BFL ​High foam and fast wetting ​50%
​Naxan DIL ​Good wetting, emulsifier ​35%
​Naxan UFL ​Low foam and fast wetting ​50%