Other Products

Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. is the essential source for supplying timely services, vast array of products and innovative technical support.  We are excited to offer exceptional care and comprehensive resources in all applications.  Our distribution centers are strategically located throughout the upper Midwest and we are continually expanding our reach to serve our industry.  We look forward to delivering reliability, products and services, as well as expertise towards each customer’s requirements and needs.  

  • COMMODITY CHEMICALS – We play a key role in supporting various industries with essential basic materials.
  • COATINGS AND SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS – Continually ensuring to meet market requirements with these innovative products.
  • FOOD AND FOOD ADDITIVES – Definitive resource to meet the needs and standards of customers.
  • SILICONES – HOUSEHOLD, INDUSTRIAL & AUTOMOTIVE CARE – Extremely versatile supplier implementing improvement in the efficiency of chemical processes.